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Advance Project CREST. Changing Research Experiences Structures and (in)Tolerance through the Adaptation of Promising Equity Practices.

National Science Foundation LogoThis ADVANCE Adaptation project utilizes evidence-based practices to enhance the research capacity and opportunity of women-identified faculty (hereafter referred to as women for brevity) in STEM while staying attuned to women’s unique intersecting identities to help identify and remedy past, current and future inequities. Project CREST: Changing Research Experiences, Structures, and (in)Tolerance through the Adaptation of Promising Equity Practices will transform the University of Colorado Colorado Springs  (UCCS) by adapting practices from ADVANCE IT to: 1) positively impact women’s research experiences and productivity 2) change the research policies and evaluation structures within the institution to more fully support women’s research participation, and 3) vigilantly mitigate biases within UCCS research spaces and research processes. Project CREST focuses on systemic reform efforts that will change the landscape of UCCS today and for the next generation of scholars.  

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